The Inman blog asks a question:

What’s interesting is that it points to a need to rebuild some trust between consumers and the real estate industry. Real estate agents even before the downturn suffered a bad image in the minds of consumers, and with emotions flaring in the midst of this housing recession we’re likely to hear more backlash from people looking for someone to blame.

Some agents appear to be finding success in building consumer trust through blogging. What are some other ways to combat this in a down market?

Actually, what’s really interesting is how Inman talks about a need to “rebuild some trust”, then mentions in the very next breath that real estate agents even before all this gotterdammerung had a bad image.

That isn’t called “rebuilding”.  That’s called “building”.  As in from scratch.  And I have the answer.

Start firing agents until you only have good ones left.

1.3 million Realtors in America today.  Those would be the so-called ‘good’ real estate agents, right?  You know, the ones who are members of NAR and have subscribed to a Code of Ethics?  So there are plenty of non-NAR member agents running around out there too.

Find an industry professional.  Find a bar.  Get said professional drunk.  Ask him how many of the 1.3 million Realtors are really professionals who abide by every whit and jottle of the Code of Ethics.

You want to build trust?  Start by being trustworthy.  Want to know who is and isn’t trustworthy?

Try this.

And as you shrink away in horror, ask yourself, “Well, why not?