The Facebook cover photo that began it all.

I’m sure that if you’re a reader of this blog, you’ve seen the “I am a REALTOR and I live by the Code” meme that’s everywhere on Facebook. The man who began the whole thing is Brian Copeland, an extraordinary young leader, REALTOR (obviously), and a fantastic karaoke master.

I was originally going to write a whole blog on the subject, but then thought, wouldn’t it be more fun to do this as a real conversation? And Brian was good enough to join me on a call where we discuss the campaign, the Code of Ethics, and he and I argue on whether to push things further or not.

So… here it is. I know the audio quality could be better, the editing could be better, and all of that, but… it’s a 30 minute conversation instead of a 10,000 word post.

Many thanks to Brian for joining me on the call, and let me know what you think, both of the subject of our discussion, as well as the whole “I’d rather read you instead, Rob, cuz your voice sucks” angle as well.


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