So… I’ve decided to start doing podcasts. Because it’s fun, it allows me to get really in-depth on some topics without having to write 50,000 word posts, and because some things (like interviewing cool and interesting people doing cool and interesting things, or arguing about some topic or another) are easier on audio than with the written word.

I first did this when I interviewed Brian Copeland for his NAR Code of Ethics campaign. Well, I bring you an interview with a young technology entrepreneur who is doing some interesting things. My plan is to get really in-depth, with each episode probably lasting an hour or so. That kind of time allows all sorts of issues to be explored,

Krishna Malyala is the Co-Founder of TLCEngine. They’re trying to change the whole culture of how people search for homes and think about buying homes. Take a listen by clicking above, and leave any comments below. (I’ll look into the whole iTunes thing too so you can subscribe if you’d like.)

TLCEngine is pre-launch, so this video is probably the only thing out there right now. He goes into more depth about his system:

Many thanks to Krishna for being willing to endure the friendly-but-tough grilling that’s sort of my modus operandi. Since this is a new effort, the sound quality is not going to be a professional-caliber thing. If y’all like this podcast thing, maybe I’ll look into improving the production values.