Episode #5 is one of my favorites. I love introducing innovative startups in real estate to the high level elite audience that frequents this blog. (That would be you, dear reader/listener.) But this one was really special.

George Kalogeropoulos, Founder and CEO of RentMetrics.com, is frikkin’ brilliant. I think you can tell just from how he speaks, and the words he casually uses, but the actual substance of what he’s talking about, of what Rentmetrics has built, is pretty amazing.

There are a few spots where the Internet connection was a bit spotty, so forgive any weirdness. It’s my fault, or Comcast Xfinity’s fault, or… the ill humor of the Internet gods.

Rentmetrics and George are completely focused on rentals and rental space and servicing their clients in the financial markets. But listen carefully to what he’s saying, and I think you’ll see enormous applicability to general residential real estate.

Thanks again to George and to Rentmetrics for having the courage to come on Notorious P.O.D.