More on Trim Tab, RPR, AMP and the Future of MLS Technology

Now that I’ve been liberated from some of my confidentiality constraints (see my previous post, which required permission from various companies I had non-disclosure agreements with, as well as permission from a client to discuss work I had done for them), I can opine more freely about the topic of RPR, Advanced Multi-List Platform (“AMP”), […]

Project Trim Tab: From Dream to Reality

[NOTE: This is a post I wrote for a client, SIRMLS, and decided to cross-post to my blog because it tells so much of my personal involvement in it. Thanks to Tim Dain and to SIRMLS for the opportunity to tell the story, and granting me permission to cross-post to my blog.] “Something hit me […]

First Ever Notorious Reader Contest!

So… earlier this year, at the T3 Summit, I listed as one of my Black Swans the possibility that the 1099 independent contractor status for real estate agents might go away. The reason, I thought, was that state and federal governments would want MOAR taxes. You know, Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, whatever taxes that are tied to […]

Quick Promo: The Neighborhood Advocate Initiative

Sorry to be working on Labor Day… an ironic thing if ever there was one… but a quick promo. This is really intended for those in my audience who are Association leadership or staff. If you were at my AE Institute presentation back in March, you saw some issues I laid out for a “Leaner, […]


  I just got confirmation that CRMLS will merge with SOCAL MLS, forming the largest MLS in the country. I’m waiting for the press release now. [Full disclosure: CRMLS was a client of 7DS Associates.] EDIT: The press release is out. It’s here. Word is that the combined entity — which will operate under the […]

Brief Reflection on the Inman Data Summit

Last week, I was fortunate to be able to participate in the Inman Data Summit in my small way as one of the two co-moderators. Some of the conversations that occurred, both on and off the stage, are among the most important in the real estate industry today. Since I was “working” the whole time, […]

Curious Things Are Afoot, Part 3: Google Plus and the New Paradigm

In Part Two, we looked at how social might impact real estate, if it is in fact taken very seriously indeed.  All of it triggered by the acquisition of by Move, signaling a major strategic move into social. In yet another display that the universe has a sense of humor, the announcement came at […]

Curious Things Are Afoot, Part 2: Commodities, Power, and Change

In Part One, we congratulated Ernie Graham and his team at SocialBios for getting acquired. I hope he picked out a nice Lamborghini Reventon in taxicab yellow. The second Curious Thing that came about just as Move was announcing its acquisition of SocialBios was the confluence of two seemingly unrelated things. Making sense out of […]

Curious Things Are Afoot, Part 1: Move Acquires SocialBios

This is the first part of what I think will be a three-part examination of some rather curious things I’ve been seeing. First of all, I’m sure other sites will be announcing the news that MOVE has acquired the startup SocialBios. From the press release: Move, Inc. (Nasdaq: MOVE), the leader in online real estate, […]

NAR Should Clarify RPPI Distribution Scheme

In the aftermath of the vote on REALTOR Party Political Survival Initiative (RPPI), NAR has released a document showing where the funds will be going (PDF). I’m not entirely sure what some of the terms mean. For example, what does “Campaign Services” cover? What is the difference between “Issue Mobilization Program” and “Issue Coordinated Campaigns”? […]