Pro Tip: Words Matter, But Actions Matter More

Happy Friday everybody! With due apologies to my Ohio State fans, I confess I’d really like to see Wisconsin drub the Buckeyes tomorrow to throw the entire CFB playoff picture haywire. Wouldn’t mind seeing Arkansas shock the world either. In any event, over on Vendor Alley, the co-host of Industry Relations, Greg Robertson has some […]

[VIP] Initial Thoughts on Realogy’s RealSure

I’m on the road, so blogging may be light. But I thought the announcement of the new RealSure Sell and RealSure Mortgage programs deserved some brief initial commentary. I didn’t feel like waiting for Friday’s Quick Takes and then writing up a giant post on this. Inman News has further coverage of the announcement, but […]

The Notorious Interview: Chris Drayer, Revaluate

So a number of you have messaged and written me to say positive things about the two interviews I did with Fred Bin of Zoom Casa and Rick Rudman of Curbio last week. I know I’m a writer first and you come here to read overly lengthy posts about various real estate topics, but I […]

Future of Lead Generation: You Say vs. They Say

Happy Friday afternoon, everybody. I normally wouldn’t write something today, but… I’ve been traveling and came down with a cold and have been wanting to write this for a couple of days. Plus, what the hell — maybe some of you will enjoy some light reading over the weekend. I just recorded a great conversation […]

Redfin, Ethics and Article 16

Over on the Book of Faces, in the Inman Coast to Coast group, there’s quite a discussion that erupted from something that Redfin does. You might not be able to view it, although this is a public group, so go ahead and join it if you can’t. Let me not bury the lede: I don’t […]

Forest for the Trees: the NAR #Logogate Edition

Look, the past 24 hour or so has been a lot of fun. I know I had a few laughs. But things are getting a little out of hand, y’all. Plus, it’s far too late, and I have real work to do and too little time to do it all. Nonetheless, this whole NAR #Logogate […]

Brief Reflection on Brand: CB and C21 with Promising Starts

As you might have noticed, the last few days here on Notorious have been a touch heavy. That’s not a bad thing, because heavy topics like the future of the industry and the tipping point of brokerage deserve serious (and long) discussion and debate. I’ll likely get back into that soon, as I’ve been reading […]

A Ray of Sunshine: Krista Kenner and the Power of Storytelling

Okay, so look, I know that I have a certain reputation in the industry. Pot-stirrer, trouble-maker, truth-teller, all around pain in the ass, and so on. Even my friends know I can get argumentative about some things. And I do wish that I could post positive uplifting things all the time, but you know, when […]

Question of Trust: A Response to Tni Leblanc

I do love me some good meaty debates on industry issues, even if it can be passionate. Especially if it is passionate, as long as the debate doesn’t descend into irrational ranting or rudeness. I get to enjoy that with many of my friends, like Sam Debord and Andrew Flachner. I hope Tni Leblanc, with […]

Destroy Your Illusions

Last week the well-known real estate author/speaker/consultant Stefan Swanepoel wrote on Facebook that money is flowing into real estate technology. That observation sparked¬†a heated discussion; many argued that real estate doesn’t scale, it’s too complicated, transactions are too difficult, too expensive, and too emotional for technology to disrupt, and so on. To paraphrase Darth Vader: […]