In Which I Further Engage Ben Caballero of NAREP

In this episode of “As The Blog Turns” we learn that our protagonist — your humble scribe — finds even more amusement in the responses from Mr. Ben Caballero, of HomesUSA and of NAREP. For those missing out on the soap opera, here were my questions to Mr. Caballero, and then here are his answers, […]

Ben Caballero Responds

As you may have read, I asked Ben Caballero of NAREP a number of questions. He has responded, and authorized me to post his responses, as long as I did not edit it or add anything else to what he sent in. In accordance to his wishes, I post his response in full. Any modifications […]

Question #21

Rob Hahn published a detailed and most entertaining analysis of Texas broker Ben Caballero and the National Association of Real Estate Professionals (narep.NET – not .org or .com) that Ben founded about a year ago. In the post, Rob poses twenty questions to Ben about his real estate business, his business practices, and the current status of the NAREP as a non-profit […]

Twenty Questions for Ben Caballero of NAREP

Recently, I’ve had the occasion to be taken to task personally by one Ben Caballero, the co-founder of an entity called NAREP. Here are the relevant tweets in question: @robhahn We know that you fancy yourself a "tinker, tailor, spy" and that spies operate covertly, but stop shilling & make a full disclosure — Ben […]