They Deserve Better

Above is the video I shared at Xplode San Antonio today, which was part of the Texas Association of REALTORS conference. This wasn’t a video we had made available to the public, but after my experience today, and a conversation with one of the attendees, we at HearItDirect decided this message needs to get out. […]

Random Thoughts on Dual Agency

Once in a while, realestistas get around to discussing tame, non-controversial topics.  And as any regular reader of this blog knows, I am simply allergic to controversy and disagreement.  I am glad, therefore, that people are talking over at Agent Genius about the entirely boring and controversy-free topic of dual agency. As it happens, I […]

If Yer Gonna Raise the Bar, Then Raise the Whole Saloon

Interestingly enough, just after I wrote about the problem of too many real estate agents overall, I found a post by Dave Phillips over at Bloodhound Blog called “Raising the Bar or Bellying Up to It“. It’s insightful and hilarious. Recommended reading for sure. I’m thinking, what’s all this Sam Adams reference? This is no […]

You Go Boy!

I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way, but reading Matthew Rathburn just tee off on a couple of people who emailed him unsolicited ‘advice’ was… just refreshing in so many ways. I can’t help the title of this post. 🙂 I urge you to go read the whole thing. It’s insightful and just […]