Quick: The Prezi From My NRG/HAR Talk Today

Is here: http://prezi.com/1_mwtyk4vqcd/welcome-to-dystopia/ Welcome to Dystopia! on Prezi By the way, I’m really, really liking Prezi. I expect to use it from now on for all presentations. Amazing that a web app is better than even Keynote…. -rsh

Agent Ratings Must Be Done by Other Agents

Agent Ratings is in the news again. MLSListings, based on Sunnyvale, California, has announced that it will launch a pilot REALTOR ratings program with the California Association of REALTORS. But it appears that the MLSListings program isn’t what HAR attempted to do a while back, where consumers directly rate agents: Designed by independent consumer review […]

Very Slow Live-Blog of #HARREIS

I’m going to try to do a bit of a stream-of-consciousness “live-blog” here at Houston Association of REALTORS Real Estate Investment Symposium.  I put that in quotes because (a) I’m distracted often, and (b) the bandwidth isn’t the best off my little MiFi device. I’ve already missed a couple of the early presentations from Zillow, […]

To Hunt Elephants, You Need An Elephant Gun

The conversations continue. It appears there are a whole bunch of folks who want to talk about the future of listings. And rightfully so — listings are important to the modern practice of real estate. The latest salvo marks the return of David Harris of Geek Estate to blogging, and it’s a good one. Read […]