A Quick Note on Asset Bubbles: A Response to Barry Ritholtz

I’m on the road so don’t have a ton of time to be doing a long post, but a reader emailed me a post by Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture Blog that was an Op/Ed in the Washington Post. It’s worth reading in full, so go check it out here. I thought I’d try […]

Median House Prices, 1970-2011… in GOLD

I’ve seen quite a few posts of late suggesting that the housing market has finally hit bottom. Agent friends of mine are telling me about increased activity in their local markets, multiple bids on houses, low inventory, and so on. We have Stan Humphries of Zillow saying the Spring 2012 season should be positive. And […]

NAR 800K Might Be Coming

A month ago, I read this depressing story on the Interwebs and it’s stuck with me since. Gary Shilling, the author, runs a research service for which one would pay a presumably hefty premium — I don’t subscribe to it, so I’m going simply on what’s on that website. His conclusion is that¬†housing prices will […]