[VIP] On the Realogy-Compass Kerfuffle

The battle between Realogy and Compass took a strange turn in recent days, when Compass claimed that they rejected a marriage offer from Realogy according to The Real Deal: With his back against the mats, Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider considered selling the brokerage to its chief rival: Compass. In a statement Friday, the SoftBank-backed brokerage […]

Can We Talk About HomeServices for a Minute?

I know, I know. We have talked a ton about Redfin and Realogy and Keller Williams in these pages the past couple of months. It’s because the 2017 earnings reports were released for two of them, and the other one… well, made some bold moves and bolder statements. And the rest of the industry wants […]

[PREMIUM] Quick Note on HomeServices of America

This is a quick update for the purchasers of the Realogy Report. When I was researching that report, MidAmerican Energy Holdings had not filed its 2012 10-K. Which meant that we didn’t have any real information on the second largest brokerage in America: HomeServices of America. They did so on 3/1 but by then I […]

On Franchise IDX, Industry Rules, and Complaints

I think this mostly analytical, mostly opinion post nows goes beyond the ambit of my NAR Midyear coverage. So, many many thanks to Zillow for sponsoring the Midyear series (I may have more of them in the future) but this post is sponsor-free. Predictably, the news from Midyear about Franchise IDX has resulted in mass […]

Midyear Reports: On the Franchise IDX Decision

This post, and this series of reports and opinions from NAR Mid-Year 2011, brought to you by: [UPDATED Friday 5/13; see end of post] Yesterday, I reported on the decision of the MLS Policy Committee to suspend the Franchise IDX rule and refer it to a new working group for revision by the Annual Convention […]