NAR’s New Fair Housing Action Plan: Add One Key Missing Element

NAR is in the news, but for a positive reason for a change. Hoooray! It appears that the leadership team at NAR met in Washington DC on January 8th to formulate a plan on fair housing. From NAR’s website: The leadership of the National Association of REALTORS® met in Washington today where they unanimously passed […]

[VIP] On the DOJ Statement of Interest

In case you haven’t already heard, the U.S. Department of Justice has taken the rare step of intervening in a civil case with a Statement of Interest on Behalf of the United States of America. Interesting note: the intervention was in the Sitzer case out of Missouri rather than the Moehrl case in Illinois, which […]

On California’s New Gig Economy Law: Don’t Relax Just Yet

I feel pretty certain that anybody that is reading Notorious likely already knows that the legislature of California has passed Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that tries to rein in the so-called “gig economy” workers. The bill is headed to Gov. Newsom for signature, and it appears that he will indeed sign it, especially given statements […]

[VIP] Hot Take on NAR’s Motion to Dismiss

In the all-important Moehrl v. NAR case, NAR has filed a motion to dismiss, and submitted a brief in support of that motion. I’ll embed it below. This is all but guaranteed in just about any serious civil litigation these days involving serious lawyers who get paid by the hour. I remember my Civil Procedures […]

Do Not Minimize Ragnarok: Very Serious Legal Threat, Part 2

So my flight is delayed… for hours… which usually leads to drinking. I thought I might do something else instead. Since I posted about the antitrust lawsuit filed against NAR and four large real estate companies, I’ve read a ton of comments from people who are not antitrust attorneys about why this case is frivolous, […]

Gotterdammerung: A Very Serious Legal Threat

I realize I just posted on the future of the MLS, and normally, I’d let posts sit for a few days to “mature” but this is far too big an event and far too big a deal to wait. In case you missed it, a class action lawsuit was filed with the United States District […]

Some Answers About KWRI’s Virtual Brokerage

On August 26, Rob Hahn, Founder of the blog, Notorious R.O.B, asked for some answers to his post “Some Questions About KWRI’s Virtual Brokerage.” I’m happy to oblige. As a Market Center owner (Operating Principal) and one of the many architects of Keller Williams (KW) Expansion, I am committed to ensuring KWRI’s virtual brokerages are […]

Brief Thoughts on the 2017 MLS Policy Changes

Greetings from the Land of the Morning Calm! I know I should just be focusing on my Asian vacation/trip, but it’s been too long. Plus, I got a bit of time to hang out at one of these ultra-modern cafes in Apgujeong, one of the hippest parts of Seoul. So I figured I’d opine on […]

Does Fiduciary Duty Require Putting Listings on Zillow?

A really interesting discussion broke out in the comments section of my post last Wednesday titled “The MLS Is Not Doomed! But Most of Them Are.”  A reader with the alias DeRidder LA Real Estate, LLC injected everybody’s favorite topic, Zillow, into the conversation: Disallow compilations of your MLS data to be sent to, Zillow, or […]