OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

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Rob had some good questions yesterday that many in the industry are probably asking, in “OK, I’ll Ask: How is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?” For a lot of us in the industry, it can be frustrating when these questions are left hanging over a vacuum fit for conspiracies. Let’s fill some of that void, especially […]

MLS Without Borders: The Consolidation Endgame?

berlin wall

12 MLSs are the future organized real estate: that was the lukewarm consensus of a recent panel at Inman in New York. The general feeling of the speakers (MLS executives included) seemed to be that consolidation will end with a dozen or so large, well-run MLSs. Inman News headlined the coverage “Is Your MLS Doomed?” […]

We Need Much More Honesty on Upstream: A Response to Rob Hahn

Well, this should be fun. After Rob’s critique of my last piece about Upstream, I thought it would be appropriate to step into the Notorious octagon. Considering I’m not a trained attorney, that’s probably a mistake (yes, that’s the first of many self-deprecations to bloat my handicap on his turf). I once put a foot […]