NAR’s New Fair Housing Action Plan: Add One Key Missing Element

NAR is in the news, but for a positive reason for a change. Hoooray! It appears that the leadership team at NAR met in Washington DC on January 8th to formulate a plan on fair housing. From NAR’s website: The leadership of the National Association of REALTORS® met in Washington today where they unanimously passed […]

Time for a Housecleaning: Racism in Long Island Real Estate

I am alternatively furious and despondent that this post has to be written in 2019. But it has to be. In case you missed it, Newsday, the local newspaper for most of Long Island in New York, ran a three year investigation into racial discrimination and steering in real estate. They just published their findings […]

On California’s New Gig Economy Law: Don’t Relax Just Yet

I feel pretty certain that anybody that is reading Notorious likely already knows that the legislature of California has passed Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that tries to rein in the so-called “gig economy” workers. The bill is headed to Gov. Newsom for signature, and it appears that he will indeed sign it, especially given statements […]

Let’s Stir the Pot: Glenn Kelman and the MLS Issue

I’m back from the week on the road, but about to embark on yet another week on the road… so wanted to get this short post up for your weekend reading pleasure. If you’re not already subscribed to the amazing Scratch That podcast series from Emily Chenevert, CEO of Austin Board of REALTORS, you’re missing […]

Musings on the Parker Principles, Part 1: Principle 7 – Open Data

As many of you know, I was privileged to be at Inman Disconnect this year. This was a different kind of event than ever before — one aimed at getting something done, rather than hearing about what others have done. At the very start of the event, Brad Inman told the gathered leaders that the […]

One Future of the MLS: Expanding On My Inman Presentation

I’m on an airplane back from Inman, feeling vaguely ill due to a combination of karaoke, tequila and vodka. Let’s just say it was epic, and I will pay homage to it somehow. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful Inman for me, as I’ve met some new friends, bonded all over again with old friends, and […]

Quick Followup on Horiike v. Coldwell Banker – CA Dual Agency Case

A while back, I wrote about the dual agency case headed to the California Supreme Court: Horiike v. Coldwell Banker. At the time, I speculated on a bunch of things and then said we need to wait and see what the ruling is. Well, the Court has ruled and issued an opinion. The reaction from […]

Dual Agency in the News: Horiike v. Coldwell Banker Goes to CA Supreme Court

I’ll be honest. I didn’t know about this critical case on dual agency in real estate, originally filed in 2014. The case is Horiike v. Coldwell Banker and in all likelihood, most of you already know about it being the Best Informed Readers in Real Estate. But a reader sent the case to me along with […]

Things To Worry About From the British Columbia IAG Report

The other day, I let you all know about the bomb that British Columbia in Canada dropped on the real estate industry. I’ve spent some time reading the full report, and while this is still sort of an early first-reaction, I think there are a few things to worry about from that report, certainly for Canadian […]