What If We Let the Consumer Decide on Syndication?

It’s funny. Although I’ve been writing about syndication issues on these pages for oh… five or six years now… looking at all the different angles to that dead horse that won’t die… thanks to a Facebook post I just read, I thought of another new angle. Just goes to show you (well, show me) that […]

Taking the Brokercentric MLS Seriously

It’s been a busy week and a few. First, there was Inman which usually knocks me out of any sort of blog-like activities for a week. Then I moved as soon as I got home. I know some companies offers “concierge” type of services to help someone move with all the changes that entails but […]

Seven Predictions for 2016: The 90s Dance Music Edition

As you can probably see, this is a special edition of my 7 predictions. I normally post those on my blog at Notorious R.O.B., but not this year! Brad Inman asked if I wanted to share these crazy predictions with the readers of Inman, and I thought, why not? I mean, these are predictions sure […]

Win-Win In A Zero-Sum Game

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post in the aftermath of CMLS Kansas City in which I mused out loud about things that were left unsaid, and said this: So the clear implication is that everything in real estate is ultimately a zero sum game. If an agent leverages technology, smart lead management, […]

On Project Upstream (Part 2): The Path Forward

In Part 1, we discussed why Project Upstream as currently setup is problematic, despite the goals of Upstream being absolutely worth pursuing. In this part, I go more into offering solutions. Had I been involved with Upstream earlier on, this would have been my advice, but then, nobody asked me. 🙂 Basically, my take is that […]

On Project Upstream (Part 1): Great Concept, Problematic Execution

At the Inman Connect conference that just wrapped up, there was a “town hall” on a variety of topics featuring industry thought leaders like Marilyn Wilson of the WAV Group, Mark McLaughlin of Pacific Union, Joseph Rand of BHG Rand Realty, and Katie Maxwell of Intero. One question I asked was about Project Upstream, the recently […]

We Need to Separate RPR AMP from RPR Upstream, Conceptually

In a recent post on Realuoso, my friend Erica Ramus, wrote an Op/Ed on how Project Upstream will change everything: The Project Upstream broker initiative is an attempt to gather real estate data under one umbrella, again trying to wrestle back control of our listings and data. … Hahn’s description of “MLS Mashups” and the […]

The RPR-AMP-Upstream Materials from NAR Midyear

This is not a post. This is an information dump. A reader sent me the materials that were provided to the Directors at the NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings that just concluded to support the proposal to fund RPR-AMP-Upstream. Thought many of you hadn’t seen these, so I wanted to upload them and make them available. […]

2015 NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings: Quick Takes, Without Much Thought

I have a feeling we’re going to be talking about a whole variety of things that went down at NAR Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo (aka, “Midyear”) this year for months and years to come. It’s been a great week, but rough on the sleep schedule, so these are not exactly deeply-thought-out opinions here. It’s […]

RPR-Upstream and Personal Liability for NAR Directors

I’m still at the NAR Midyear Legislative Sessions and heading out to meetings soon, so this will be brief. By now, you know that NAR’s Finance and Executive Committees have approved RPR to become the platform for the hitherto-mysterious Project Upstream. Inman News has coverage of the decision. Thing is, this decision highlights precisely what […]