Big Brand Blogging

Should the Big Brands in real estate start blogging? Joel Burslem over at FOREM thinks so: Even with its obvious bias, the blog is actually a fantastic resource for anyone interested in staying on top of the beer wars. Several years ago I worked for Molson, before it became Molson Coors, so the brewing industry […]

Metrics of International Real Estate Business

In a recent post, I complained about the dearth of data when it comes to talking about international real estate. Even though I was a bit cheeky, Simon Baker of REA Group actually posted a comment on that with some actual estadistica: For example, around 12% of the traffic to our Australian site ( comes […]

Por Favor, Estadistica

You know what I’d love to see when international real estate companies make grand pronouncements about globalization and its effects on local real estate? Numbers. Joel Burslem profiled REA Group over at FOREM, and this passage jumped out at me: Bottom line however, his [Simon Baker, CEO of REA Group] advice to agents to begin […]