Should Real Estate Be More Sheepskin-Based?

  My good friend Michael McClure (@ProfessionalOne on Twitter) has been banging the “Raise The Bar” drum for quite some time now. Recently, he wrote a post accompanying a survey in which he wants to establish “the baseline for professionalism” in the real estate brokerage industry: All that being said, let’s get to the point […]

What Makes A Realtor Good?

I originally had a different post planned for tonight, but an online conversation with a friend, followed by an interesting set of exchanges on twitter with @onehappyguy led me to want to ask this instead. What makes someone a good realtor? Seems like a simple question with a simple answer, no? But like many seemingly […]

If Yer Gonna Raise the Bar, Then Raise the Whole Saloon

Interestingly enough, just after I wrote about the problem of too many real estate agents overall, I found a post by Dave Phillips over at Bloodhound Blog called “Raising the Bar or Bellying Up to It“. It’s insightful and hilarious. Recommended reading for sure. I’m thinking, what’s all this Sam Adams reference? This is no […]

Analyzing the Move, Inc. Earnings Call

Move, Inc. — the folks behind and Top Producer — held its Q4 2007 earnings conference call recently. The transcript is available on Seeking Alpha. I think it’s well worth your time to check it out in full. Move did $286M in 2007, vs. $280M in 2006. Considering the shape that the real estate […]

Is Understanding Social Media A Top Priority for NAR?

I know I take contrarian views to much of the received wisdom on the, but… well, I can’t help it.  Since I’m not flogging any product, or trying to get leads from this blog, or any such thing, but just write on topics that interest me, I suppose I find it more fun to […]