Requiem for the Inman San Francisco, 2012

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Years hence, we will look back on the summer of 2012 as the time when we in the real estate industry turned a page. That page has been turning for a while, but Inman Connect San Francisco this year will be […]

Time to Reinvent REBarCamp

So here I am sitting in my hotel room on Monday afternoon. I came in early because I had wanted to attend REBarCamp NYC being put on by the awesome folks at Lucky Strikes Social Media Club. You will notice the word “had” in the preceding sentence, because I just decided I’m not going to […]

Come Forth, Ye Spirit of BarCamp! (Part 1)

Although I wanted to post this sooner, other commitments prevented getting to it before now.  And quite a few of these ideas have been hashed out, particularly in the TQ Radio Show yesterday, but there is something to putting ideas and questions into words.  So here we go. But first, a disclaimer: Many of you […]

It Would Be Nice to Have a Central Clearinghouse for RE Bar Camps

[Because Teri Lussier hath commanded me to do this post, and her wish is my command.] RE Bar Camps are one of the fastest growing events in the real estate industry.  What the hell is a RE Bar Camp? Well, start here.  The first one was put together by Andy Kaufman, Brad Coy, Mike Price, […]