Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

So this post will likely depart significantly from my normal topics of discussion: real estate, marketing, technology, etc.  Well, it might touch on technology… and who knows, it might find its way back to something useful.  But probably not….  That’s why this is my personal blog, not a series of industry white papers. Was talking […]

Sucking the Wind out of Sails: Why Mobile Won’t Matter in 2010

Joel Burslem, whose intelligence is matched only by his ability to eat samgyupsal and drink soju with native Korean boys, opines on 1000watt blog that 2010 will be the year of mobile: In my presentation yesterday at Virtual RE Bar Camp I made the case that 2010 will be the year the mobile finally matters […]

John L. Scott’s (Mis-)Adventures in Social Networking

The Seattle-based brokerage John L. Scott has waded into social networking waters in a pretty significant way with JLSconnect — a brand new service based on Microsoft’s Live platform.  From the news release: JLSconnect augments the previous “Property Tracker” service found on www.JohnLScott.com which provides the ability for individuals to log in and save “favorite” […]