The Red Dot

The Red Dot Premium Reports

The Red Dot is a series of premium reports. Each one focuses on a single key issue, that has an enormous impact on and huge significant for the real estate industry. The motto of the Red Dot is OODA: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. My aim with each report is to help readers more easily focus on a complex issue to act upon it.

The typical report is 70+ pages in length and requires hours of research and analysis. It goes into real depth on the implications for MLS, Associations, brokerages, national brands and franchises, agent teams, and technology companies that work in and around residential real estate.

Because each report focuses on a major event or important topic, the Red Dot is not a regular feature, as such important events do not happen all the time. But when one does happen, the Red Dot will help you understand it and think of responses to it.

Reports focused on key issues in the real estate industry written by Rob Hahn