Notorious P.O.D. Episode 8: CMLS Thoughts With Bob Bemis, Greg Robertson

  Episode 8 is a tragedy. I have a great conversation with the Notorious B.O.B. Bemis of Procuring Cause, and with Greg Robertson, of Vendor Alley and of W&R Studios (the creator of CloudCMA). We discussed CMLS, The Realty Alliance, big issues in the conflict between MLS and brokerages, future of the industry, and so […]

Notorious POD, Episode 7: Breaking Bad With Bob Bemis

  I think every single podcast episode I do these days is my newest favorite. This one is really special, really amazing. I’m only sorry that due to travel, work, and life in general, I couldn’t post this sooner. We recorded this a couple of weeks ago, right after Bob’s first post on Notorious but these […]

Introducing… the Notorious B.O.B.

As longtime readers know, this has always been my personal blog since I started it in 2008. But, honestly, over time, it’s become far more of a real estate industry blog. It’s probably time I recognized that. One way to recognize such a shift is to bring on other writers, other voices who have interesting […]