[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Nick Taylor, Modus

We are back with our first Notorious Interview since the holidays interrupted things. The first interview of the New Year is with an old acquaintance who is one of the nicest and smarted guys in our space: Nick Taylor, VP of Growth at Modus. This was a fun conversation, because I got to learn a […]

The Decade That Was in Real Estate

I gather that with 2020 just around the corner, navel gazing and thinking big thoughts about the ’10’s have become a relatively popular activity. Hell, I did it myself on the Industry Relations podcast with Greg Robertson. But I’m going to do it again, in writing, because it helps me think things through. What’s sort […]

Seven Predictions for 2020: The Rat Pack Edition

Earlier this year, Sunny and I made her third (my second) move across this great country of ours in three years, landing in Las Vegas. I have to say, so far, we’re quite in love with this city. Most of you only know Las Vegas from The Strip… which is unfortunate. It’s quite like judging […]

Musings on Defining Fundamental Problems

I was on a conference call earlier with a client discussing an upcoming strategy planning session, and one of the people raised a very interesting and a very good point. He said that if we don’t clearly define the problems, it’s very difficult to do good strategy. I couldn’t agree more. But as we kept […]

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jack Ryan, REX

Thanksgiving is behind us, along with the annual frenzy of consumerism known as Black Friday… although in 2019, I think Cyber Monday (which is today) might be an even bigger frenzy of consumerism except for the long lines, frayed nerves, and the fighting over toys that happens IRL. So first, I apologize for not posting […]

Time for a Housecleaning: Racism in Long Island Real Estate

I am alternatively furious and despondent that this post has to be written in 2019. But it has to be. In case you missed it, Newsday, the local newspaper for most of Long Island in New York, ran a three year investigation into racial discrimination and steering in real estate. They just published their findings […]

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock

In today’s episode of the Notorious Interview, I talk with Jarred Kessler, Founder & CEO of EasyKnock, the most interesting company in our space I had never heard of. I corrected that oversight, obviously, and I thought you should too. EasyKnock is hard to classify: it’s kind of like a blend between a bridge loan […]

[VIP] Realogy, Q3/2019: The Profitability Dilemma

Earnings Week content keeps rolling on! It’s time we took a look at Realogy, the bellwether for health of traditional real estate brokerage. I wish I could report some joyful news on that front, but alas, I just can’t. Realogy is still profitable, generating good free cash flows, and still making some moves. It’s just […]

Compass and Coming Soon: Not About the Client

[EDIT: This post has been updated with responses from Compass, and my further responses to those responses.] [EDIT: I have updated the post once again, with another round of clarifications from Compass Spokesperson.] This week is when NAR will decide on what to do about Off-MLS and Coming Soon. I have already written thousands of […]