Future of MLS Technology: Open Source Software

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation at the Clareity MLS Executives Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. It was on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as I actually wrote a whole business plan way back in the day on introducing Open Source software to the MLS industry. I abandoned […]

Musings on the Parker Principles, Part 1: Principle 7 – Open Data

As many of you know, I was privileged to be at Inman Disconnect this year. This was a different kind of event than ever before — one aimed at getting something done, rather than hearing about what others have done. At the very start of the event, Brad Inman told the gathered leaders that the […]

Keep Calm, And Carry On?

I’ve been busy packing my house, putting everything into a moving truck, and then driving for a couple of days across this beautiful country of ours to pay much attention to the RE.net. Hence, I didn’t quite realize that somehow, I may have played a tiny part in triggering some kind of a panic in […]

The Difference Between Business and a Profession

I’ve been traveling almost nonstop for a few weeks, so things have been light in the blogging department. My latest stop was Stefan Swanepoel’s T3 Summit in Los Angeles last week, a fabulous event made even more fabulous this year because of agent Eric Boyenga of the Silicon Valley Real Estate Team. T3 attracts  the most powerful people […]

The MLS Is Not Doomed! But Most of Them Are

I like being on panels. I like moderating them too. They’re fun, usually pretty short, and oftentimes the other participants are friends I can joke around with backstage. One downside though is that the panel format doesn’t give you a chance to dive into detailed explanations of complicated concepts. A panel is better for sound […]

Brief (?) Observations on the Value of the MLS

At the just concluded Inman Connect New York, I was privileged to be on a panel entitled “Is the MLS Doomed?” with Denee Evans, CEO of CMLS, and Rebecca Jensen, CEO of MRED. Despite being one of the biggest fans of the MLS in the industry, given that I am a lawyer by training and […]

Real Estate Needs a Rooney Rule

I just got back last night from the NAR Annual Convention in Orlando. There were some amazing conversations, and great parties with great friends, and interesting projects moving into the future. But there was one issue many of us were discussing that deserved this post before I have to pack up and leave for the […]

NAR Midyear 2016: Rumors, Questions, and Observations

[UPDATE: Please see the Comment below the post, in which Cary Sylvester clarified a couple of things raised in this post.] I had originally planned on writing a day-by-day diary of sorts for Midyear as I did a while back, but… frankly, things were moving so fast, and I was too busy sitting in meetings […]

Clarifying My Remarks About Upstream and the MLS at the Zillow MLS Summit

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of MLS executives and leadership at the Zillow MLS Summit in Las Vegas. It was a Q&A format with Mitch Robinson from Zillow interviewing me on a number of questions and issues related to Project Upstream and the MLS. The video […]

On Project Upstream (Part 1): Great Concept, Problematic Execution

At the Inman Connect conference that just wrapped up, there was a “town hall” on a variety of topics featuring industry thought leaders like Marilyn Wilson of the WAV Group, Mark McLaughlin of Pacific Union, Joseph Rand of BHG Rand Realty, and Katie Maxwell of Intero. One question I asked was about Project Upstream, the recently […]