[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock

In today’s episode of the Notorious Interview, I talk with Jarred Kessler, Founder & CEO of EasyKnock, the most interesting company in our space I had never heard of. I corrected that oversight, obviously, and I thought you should too. EasyKnock is hard to classify: it’s kind of like a blend between a bridge loan […]

Zillow Offers vs. Traditional Selling: Data from Zillow

Back in February, I wrote a post that is one of the top read posts of 2019. It was titled, “Homeowners Net More Selling to Zillow Than With a REALTOR.” I wrote that based on the unit economics that Zillow released in its Q1 earnings call, and I have been collecting data on Zillow Offers, […]

[VIP] Zillow and Opendoor Q3 iBuyer Data: Denver

In the last Phoenix iBuyer comparison, I said I was compiling some data out of Denver. Well, here it is for your enlightenment and entertainment. One thing to note: Offerpad is not active in Denver. Redfin is, but my dataset has no Redfin sales. I hope to see if I can get my hands on […]

[VIP] Q3 iBuyer Comparison: Phoenix Market – Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad

Q3 earnings reports are mere weeks away, which means that Q3 has been over for a couple of weeks. That means I got my hands on some new iBuyer data. I’m compiling some Denver data (which I’ll post later in a different post) but the easy comparison is for Phoenix. In case you don’t recall, […]

[VIP] Video: Sharran Srivatsaa and I Discuss iBuyers

I thought I would share a special treat with my VIP Subscribers. I recorded a special webinar with Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Kingston Lane, and one of the smartest and most capable people in real estate today. This is a followup from a video we did a year ago, and I understand that it is […]

[VIP] Zillow’s Possible Long Game: Mortgages and iBuyer

It’s VIP Content Week, as I am home for several days without any travel. All that changes next week, but… in the meantime, I thought it worth putting together some posts for subscribers that reflect some of the things I’ve been working on in recent weeks. One topic that keeps coming up both online and […]

iBuyer and the Issue of Concessions

In a couple of recent VIP posts, I looked through limited number of iBuyer transactions of both Opendoor and Zillow. I then took the most interesting conclusion one can draw from those numbers and put it on Facebook, in the Inman Coast to Coast group, comprised of thousands of professional REALTORS. While some responses were […]

[VIP] One Month of Zillow Offers in Phoenix: An Analysis

In a previous post, I looked at some of Opendoor’s transactions in Florida and drew some conclusions on very limited data. Well, I got my hands on some more data, this time from Phoenix and for Zillow Offers. Because I don’t have a data analyst on my team, and I’ve got a lot of things […]

Are Brokers Screwed?

The other day Rob wrote a post on how Competition in Real Estate is Changing. I don’t think anyone would disagree. And it reminded me of a comment that I can’t find on another post which simply asked “What can brokers even do about it?”. That’s a sincere question worth talking about, from this Recovering […]

60% of Home Sales by 2024 Will be iBuyer: For My Friend James Dwiggins

Okay, so just had an exchange on the Book of Faces with my good friend, James Dwiggins, the CEO of NextHome. He’s really one of the smartest and nicest guys in the business, and it’s always fun to talk industry issues. And I started to write a response and thought, why not, a short blogpost. […]