Does Size Matter? (Part 3)

In Part 1, I explored how large law firms and big brokerages are similar, based on the forthcoming paper by Glenn Reynolds, a law professor and blogging pioneer.  Then in Part 2, we looked at how they’re different in some fundamental ways, particularly compensation models, that makes the size of Big Brokerage appear to be […]

Does Size Matter? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I examined a scholarly paper by one Glenn Reynolds(aka, Instapundit, who is a law professor, the author of Army of Davids, and one of the most important and influential bloggers in the United States today) about the future of big law firms and drew some lessons about how big […]

Does Size Matter? (Part 1)

Aaaaand I can hear the tee-hee’ing going on in Costa Mesa from here.  While I’m not above making cheap jokes in order to erect a logical argument about brokerage performance, business dysfunction, and customer satisfaction, this post is actually about serious issues in real estate, technology, and marketing.  So stop giggling. We begin with a […]

A Challenge to the Realestistas

First, go read this series please.  It is a 20-part series by a practicing attorney on “What It Takes to Be a Great Trial Lawyer”.  An explanation of the series and its goals: As I said in my first post on this subject, a great trial lawyer need not have all of the attributes set […]

Realtors vs. Lawyers: Social Media

While I managed to escape the fate of practicing law (except for a summer experience, which is to actual legal practice as Barbados is to Mogadishu), I still have a great deal of affection for, and interest in, the business of law practice. In fact, I wrote an entire series musing on whether real estate […]