No More Drama and Hype: Known Facts on RPR

[UPDATED 11/20/09: More facts added.] Earlier this week, Reggie Nicolay (@ReggieRPR), the Director of Social Media for the REALTORS Property Resource, LLC, wrote: I happen to agree 100%.  Also, a commenter on one of my earlier posts by the name of Kris Goodfellow wrote: Rob, I’ve got to say, that there is much in the […]

In Which I Announce the Death of RPR

Without a doubt, the topic of conversation at this year’s NAR National Convention has been the REALTOR Property Resource (Link: PDF) or RPR, the ambitious $20mm program rolled out with much fanfare by NAR.  You couldn’t avoid talking about RPR even if you tried.  And I wasn’t really trying that hard, because RPR is a […]

A Question: LPS, Marketing, and RPR

As many of you know, I wrote a wee little post the other day about REALTOR Property Resource or RPR.  That was the first post based on my impressions from a webinar held on November 6th. With some further thought, and with the ability to review the actual webinar/webcast itself, I have some further questions.  […]