Are Brokers Screwed?

The other day Rob wrote a post on how Competition in Real Estate is Changing. I don’t think anyone would disagree. And it reminded me of a comment that I can’t find on another post which simply asked “What can brokers even do about it?”. That’s a sincere question worth talking about, from this Recovering […]

BaaS is a Thing (and Why You Need to Realize It)

[Rob: I’d like to welcome Zane Burnett to the Notorious ROB family. I thought this post of his from LinkedIn was so good, and knowing Zane, felt that you all would benefit from his perspective on brokerage and technology issues. I understand we need a rap name for Zane soon, and he’ll be taking suggestions […]

Does Fiduciary Duty Require Putting Listings on Zillow?

A really interesting discussion broke out in the comments section of my post last Wednesday titled “The MLS Is Not Doomed! But Most of Them Are.”  A reader with the alias DeRidder LA Real Estate, LLC injected everybody’s favorite topic, Zillow, into the conversation: Disallow compilations of your MLS data to be sent to, Zillow, or […]

Honest Question: Role of the Website in Real Estate Practice

The above is a Facebook ad I ran across, because… I guess Facebook thinks I’m a real estate agent. Or, it could be the numerous times I’ve interacted with Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. But either way, I actually got curious about this claim: “To become a top producer, you need an accessible website […]

A Few Thoughts on Marketing in the Social Age (Possibly Evergreen)

When I started this blog, the focus was on marketing, especially social media and blogging. Over time, it’s morphed into a real estate industry blog, because my work took me towards industry issues stuff. But I’m still fascinated by marketing, and I think I kinda know what I’m doing in that arena as well. I mention […]

NAR Midyear 2016: Rumors, Questions, and Observations

[UPDATE: Please see the Comment below the post, in which Cary Sylvester clarified a couple of things raised in this post.] I had originally planned on writing a day-by-day diary of sorts for Midyear as I did a while back, but… frankly, things were moving so fast, and I was too busy sitting in meetings […]

What If We Let the Consumer Decide on Syndication?

It’s funny. Although I’ve been writing about syndication issues on these pages for oh… five or six years now… looking at all the different angles to that dead horse that won’t die… thanks to a Facebook post I just read, I thought of another new angle. Just goes to show you (well, show me) that […]

Agent Professionalism, Millennials, and Value

Russ Cofano, formerly of Move and the former CEO of Missouri Association of REALTORS, and an all around thoughtful man who knows a lot, has penned an interesting op/ed for Inman. He thinks that the industry’s discussions about agent professionalism is (a) misguided, and (b) won’t matter because Millennial consumers will determine what is and […]

Seven Predictions for 2016: The 90s Dance Music Edition

As you can probably see, this is a special edition of my 7 predictions. I normally post those on my blog at Notorious R.O.B., but not this year! Brad Inman asked if I wanted to share these crazy predictions with the readers of Inman, and I thought, why not? I mean, these are predictions sure […]