The REALTOR Rally and the Desperate Need For A New Political Action Paradigm

This is a tough post to write. I’m actually debating for the first time while typing this into the little WordPress window whether I would actually hit “Publish” at the end of it. If you’re reading this, it means that I’ve overcome whatever hesitation I’ve had, but I want you to understand how hard it […]

Midyear Reports: On the Franchise IDX Decision

This post, and this series of reports and opinions from NAR Mid-Year 2011, brought to you by: [UPDATED Friday 5/13; see end of post] Yesterday, I reported on the decision of the MLS Policy Committee to suspend the Franchise IDX rule and refer it to a new working group for revision by the Annual Convention […]

A TED Talk, and an Experiment

I’ve watched the above video three times now. It’s Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker who made a number of documentaries, the most widely known of which is Supersize Me, talking about his new project: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It’s a look at the world of sponsorship, branding, and advertising. Watch the whole video. The TED […]