Top Seven Love Songs of Gen-X

This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything real estate. I was just… listening to music and thought I hadn’t written about this particular topic, though I have discussed it from time to time. Every generation has its love songs, that articulate the deepest wishes and longings of men and women of that time. For […]

Seven Best Alison Krauss (and Union Station) Songs

This fun post is for my friend Michael McClure, who asked earlier today on Facebook where he should start if he wanted to explore the Greatest (Still Working) Band in the World, Alison Krauss and Union Station. Obviously, this is a personal fun post, so skip right on by if you’re only interested in real estate […]

PERSONAL: Is College Necessary, or Even Desirable?

This post has nothing to do with real estate. Go ahead and skip over if you’re one of my readers who only want the real estate stuff. For as long as I can remember, my parents drummed into my head the idea that college was not only important, but the most important milestone of my […]

Power, Diversity, and the SP200 List

As some of you may know, I’ve been assisting Stefan Swanepoel with a project called SP200, the second annual edition of which just went live. SP stands for “Swanepoel Power”, so the actual list is the list of the 200 most powerful individuals in the residential real estate industry. Since I haven’t shown this post […]

Why I'm in the Real Estate Industry

The following is entirely personal, and unlikely to offer any sort of insight into the burning issues of the day. I thought to write it because I was presenting at a meeting just this past week, and as is often the case, the attendees usually fly in the night before and have a chance to […]

In Which I Further Engage Ben Caballero of NAREP

In this episode of “As The Blog Turns” we learn that our protagonist — your humble scribe — finds even more amusement in the responses from Mr. Ben Caballero, of HomesUSA and of NAREP. For those missing out on the soap opera, here were my questions to Mr. Caballero, and then here are his answers, […]

Ben Caballero Responds

As you may have read, I asked Ben Caballero of NAREP a number of questions. He has responded, and authorized me to post his responses, as long as I did not edit it or add anything else to what he sent in. In accordance to his wishes, I post his response in full. Any modifications […]

Twenty Questions for Ben Caballero of NAREP

Recently, I’ve had the occasion to be taken to task personally by one Ben Caballero, the co-founder of an entity called NAREP. Here are the relevant tweets in question: @robhahn We know that you fancy yourself a "tinker, tailor, spy" and that spies operate covertly, but stop shilling & make a full disclosure — Ben […]

The Notorious ROB Design Touch-Up

If you’ve been to Notorious ROB before, you will have noticed the design update to the blog. Most of the major changes have been under the hood, but I’m generally satisfied with it. I will likely keep making some design tweaks going forward, but wanted to tell you about two major changes. Premium Content Changes […]

My AE Institute Presentation: Ozymandias, 2013

I’ve gotten more than a few requests for a copy of my presentation to NAR’s Association Executives Institute meeting from Monday. Now, it’s over 172MB so emailing it is out of the question. However, the wonders of the Internet never cease. I’ve uploaded it to and am embedding it below. Ozymandias 2013 AEI 1.1 […]