Musings on Defining Fundamental Problems

I was on a conference call earlier with a client discussing an upcoming strategy planning session, and one of the people raised a very interesting and a very good point. He said that if we don’t clearly define the problems, it’s very difficult to do good strategy. I couldn’t agree more. But as we kept […]

[VIP] Redfin, Q3/2019: Nice Rebound, And Yet…

Redfin’s Q3 results showed a solid rebound from a rather disappointing Q2. It looks great all around, with revenues, profit, market share, etc. all up and up very healthy. Agent productivity is up, traffic is up, and Redfin Now is a $80 million business in Q3. So all in all, a very nice rebound. There […]

[VIP] RE/MAX Q3, 2019: Don’t Look Back

RE/MAX reported Q3 earnings on Halloween, and I can’t help but think there was a lot more trick than treat in its Q3 results. Yes, RE/MAX remains fundamentally healthy and it has some advantages over its main competitors, especially the other publicly reporting franchise company, Realogy, but there were a lot more walking dead in […]

Pro Tip: Words Matter, But Actions Matter More

Happy Friday everybody! With due apologies to my Ohio State fans, I confess I’d really like to see Wisconsin drub the Buckeyes tomorrow to throw the entire CFB playoff picture haywire. Wouldn’t mind seeing Arkansas shock the world either. In any event, over on Vendor Alley, the co-host of Industry Relations, Greg Robertson has some […]

MLS Path Forward: Further Thoughts

Those of you who attended the CMLS annual conference in Salt Lake City have already heard the presentation that David Charron and I did at the close of Thursday. Hopefully, many of you downloaded the free white paper that we released and have or will read through our ideas there. If you did not attend […]

[VIP] Initial Thoughts on Realogy’s RealSure

I’m on the road, so blogging may be light. But I thought the announcement of the new RealSure Sell and RealSure Mortgage programs deserved some brief initial commentary. I didn’t feel like waiting for Friday’s Quick Takes and then writing up a giant post on this. Inman News has further coverage of the announcement, but […]

Future of Lead Generation: You Say vs. They Say

Happy Friday afternoon, everybody. I normally wouldn’t write something today, but… I’ve been traveling and came down with a cold and have been wanting to write this for a couple of days. Plus, what the hell — maybe some of you will enjoy some light reading over the weekend. I just recorded a great conversation […]

[VIP] On the Realogy-Compass Kerfuffle

The battle between Realogy and Compass took a strange turn in recent days, when Compass claimed that they rejected a marriage offer from Realogy according to The Real Deal: With his back against the mats, Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider considered selling the brokerage to its chief rival: Compass. In a statement Friday, the SoftBank-backed brokerage […]

[VIP] What NAR Can Do, But Likely Won’t

Happy Monday, everybody. A couple of you have asked for this topic in the Notorious VIP Network (all VIP Subscribers have been invited, so check your inbox if you don’t know what the Network is), so I figure I’ll kick off this week of writing-while-at-home with some free advice (worth exactly what NAR paid for […]