Musing on Culture: Is There Still a Stigma to Foreclosure?

Back in the dark, dark days of the Bubble (2008-2011), I remember thinking a lot about, and talking about, strategic default. Here’s a sample from the tail-end of 2010: What got me wondering is whether that commercial and others like it, which constantly denigrate banks, call mortgages illegal and immoral, and talk about how you […]

Why NAR Is Not Likely to Win the QRM Battle

I have to imagine, given the focused readership this blog has, that most of you already know that NAR has been fighting a war against homeownership on multiple fronts in recent months. I’ve been doing the Chicken Little dance about these Federal issues for quite some time, after all. One of those fronts is the […]

About Those Radio Ads…

This is a brief post from the road. One benefit (?) of driving all day long is that you get to hear all the radio ads you’ve been missing as a denizen of cyberspace. Well, one radio commercial I’ve heard over and over and over and over again through six states is that one that […]