Are Brokers Screwed?

The other day Rob wrote a post on how Competition in Real Estate is Changing. I don’t think anyone would disagree. And it reminded me of a comment that I can’t find on another post which simply asked “What can brokers even do about it?”. That’s a sincere question worth talking about, from this Recovering […]

Understanding Opendoor’s Mortgage Brokerage Move

Regular readers know that I have said that Opendoor could be the most important company in real estate. My reasoning was that Opendoor looked to be trying to revolutionize the single biggest painful aspect of buying a home: the mortgage. Here’s what I wrote: So yeah, I think Opendoor is about revolutionizing the entire culture around how homes […]

A Few Thoughts On Redfin’s Scouting Report

I’ve been traveling more or less nonstop for a couple of weeks, and busy as hell in any event, so I kind of missed the controversy around Redfin’s Scouting Report. I’d suggest heading over to Jay Thompson’s blog to get his thoughts on the product, and the various responses from the real estate industry to […]

Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Speculations

I’m giving a presentation tomorrow at the Nextgen Realtor Group of the Houston Association of REALTORS. I do believe the actual title of my presentation, as in the program itself, is called Welcome to Dystopia. Somehow, it seems, I’ve become the Cassandra of the real estate industry. But in researching for the presentation, I ran […]

What’s up with REALTORS Who Love Tech?

I forgot an angle on this post about agent ratings and consumers that’s more in line with the light and snappy flow of this blog. As the NAR survey, flawed as it might be, shows, consumers overwhelmingly want these skills/qualities in a REALTOR: Honesty and Integrity – 98% Knowledge of purchase process – 96% Responsiveness […]

Brief Thoughts on Google’s Retreat from Real Estate

As I’m sure you all have heard by now, Google has decided to beat a hasty retreat from real estate: In part due to low usage, the proliferation of excellent property-search tools on real estate websites, and the infrastructure challenge posed by the impending retirement of the Google Base API (used by listing providers to submit […]

Speed and Ease of Communications: Critique & Suggestions

In the comments to this post, I’m getting some rather interesting thoughts from a variety of real estate agents and brokers.  The question I asked was, “Why should I, as a consumer, care if you’re tech-savvy or not?”  The most popular answer was along the lines of, “Because tech-savvy agents have speed and ease of […]

What Does It Matter To Me If You’re Tech-Savvy?

As a longtime watcher of real estate and technology, but still just a consumer in every respect, I have a question for the technology-savvy realtors. What does it matter to me, as a consumer, if you’re a tech-savvy agent? It’s a real question, actually, because at this point, I’m not sure what the answer is. […]

LTE Will Change the World

This might be the most exciting technology I’ve run across in a while… maybe since I came across this mysterious “internet” thing back in 1988 in a computer lab at school.  The post there goes into more of the technical details, which are completely over my head.  But this promotional video from Verizon hints at […]